Below please find some short exerpts, randomly chosen among the many daily e-mails that we receive. We have paid special attention to representing the majority of the types of visitors to our web network.

I just want to tell you that I think you do a great job. Really, really good. This newsletter is so informative and filled with valuable information. I am sorry to say I wish I had more time to read it more thoroughly.
Keep up the good work.

John Given, Importer

Hello There,
My name is Franco Marchesi and I will be back at the helm of Lugano Imports January 5th, so please address anything you have to me at my personal address.
I visited your site and I have to say: Chapeau! The only word in Italian to express my opinion of your job is "Bravo" and that's not enough.

Franco Marchesi, Owner Lugano Imports, San Rafael, California, USA

John, a writer friend of mine turned importer of Italian wines, pointed me toward your site the other day and I wanted to compliment the two of you on what you are doing. Truly a nice job.
I've been around a while, contributed to Wine Spectator as far back as the pre-Shanken days. I have written for all the major outlets both in the US and abroad. For the last year or so I have been putting in far too much time on "The Great Wine Label Book", to be published by Watson Guptill in September 2004.
I would like occasionally to write for you. I know there's little or no money, but I would like to be with something of your quality. I occasionally contribute to John Mariani's Virtual Gourmet newsletter, which I recommend to you if you do not receive it yet.

Mort Hochstein, Food and wine journalist

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You have an amazing Italian wine site which I'm going to put in my next email newsletter.
Would you like to receive it? You can see the current newsletter on both my sites.
I have two web sites, my newer one is dedicated to our own Mama Margaret & Friends tours. On my older one (since 1996) we sell Italy cooking tours for about 35 tour operators, including ourselves.

Mama Margaret, Owner, Italian Cooking Tours and Italian Cooking Schools

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Dear WineCountry.IT,
Thank you for your wonderful web sites! My name is Ms. Anu Elomaa and am a teacher of wine culture in Finland. The institute where I teach started training sommeliers five years ago and is the only school in the whole of Finland to provide this kind of education.

Anu Elomaa, Turku Vocational Institute Adult Education / Sommelier -Educator

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I checked your web site and I would like to link to it.

Walter Robert, web site owner

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My name is Boris and would like to ask you some advice about how to start a wine export business.
I'm very happy to have found your web site, which has already been of great help ...

Boris, future wine exporter

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Hi There,
I visited your web site and found it very useful in helping one understand the Italian DOC and DOCG wine zones quickly.
Your web site is truly a tool that allows one to discover an important geocultural reality of Italy.
Hats off to you all, I'll spread the word among friends and acquaintances.

Pierfrancesco Marvulli, a wine lover

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I am an American who has been living in the Veneto region (Lonigo) for about a year. I just happened across your site. Great information! One of our most pleasant experiences has been exploring the different cantinas and wineries. We keep trying to build up our cellar, but we seem to drink it or give it to friends.
We'll keep trying.

Allie Vallery, web site user

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My name is Thomas Dallmeier from Germany. I found interesting content about grapes and the Italian wine regions on your web site. Can I link it to a small database for wine cellar management that I am building?

Thomas Dallmeier, Thomas Dallmeier, database engineer

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First off I have to say that your web site is AWESOME!  Great job. You guys are the BEST! thanks!

Paul Carnazola - Wine merchant

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