Wine News - September 2003

Company of the Month

Argiolas S.p.A.

September 2003's Company of the Month is Argiolas S.p.A.. Located in Serdiana, about 11 miles (18 kilometers) from Cagliari, the island capital city, Argiolas is one of the main players among established Sardinian wine producers, and a rising star in the Italian enological world.
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Welcome to Volume 1, Number 1 of Wine News, the e-letter from WineCountry.IT.

August is gone and most Italians are back from vacation. For winemakers and grape growers all over Europe though, the vacation ended far earlier then usual. The unusually hot and long summer brought a record early harvest. In fact, for some white and early red grapes picking is already over at a time when it usually has not even begun.

In addition to Italian News, we have interesting news from Europe, the United States, and the rest of the world. North American researchers for instance, have recently released good health news linking wine consumption to anti-aging enzymes as well as to anti-tumoral effects.

The September 2003 Company of the Month is Argiolas S.p.A., the second Sardinian winery of a "trilogy" that will end next month. Following a recent trip to Italy of the president and vice-president of WineCountry.IT, the News Department decided to dedicate three months in a row to three special Sardinian wineries. In the last ten years Sardinian wine quality has risen consistently, thanks mainly to the dedication, excellent research and production work of local winemakers.

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From Italy

European Record Early Harvests Because of Heat Wave


After last year's rain-soaked harvest, Italian producers are looking at another possibly problematic harvest, though this time around, it is for completely the opposite reason. The amazingly hot and long summer brought daytime temperatures in excess of 104° Fahrenheit (40° Celsius), dropped barely a few degrees overnight and saw almost no rain between May and August.

Formal Tasting – Part 1 of 3


This is the first of a three-part article in which we analyze the three steps of formal wine tasting: the visual examination, the olfactory examination and finally, the examination of taste. Let's get started with the first installment.

Enogastronomy: Wine Pairing for Seafood Recipes


It's summertime, the ideal season for seafood recipes paired with wines that help these foods deliver their best. There are many ways to prepare seafood so, when choosing a wine to pair with different dishes, we must consider how it was cooked. Below we provide a generic guide to be used as a reference for making your own personalized recipe-wine combination.

Combining Food with Wine or The Right Wine for the Right Food


The pleasure that we get by combining food an wine correctly is certainly more that the pleasure we might get by eating the same food and drinking the same wine separately. On the other hand, an unhappy match could debase both wine and recipe even if they are both excellent when judged on their own.


From Europe

Torres Winery Experiments with Screw-Cap Closure


Torres, one of the largest family-owned Spanish wineries, has began exporting some of its white wines in bottles sealed with screw caps. 12,000 cases of Viņa Esmeralda 2002 are selling on the British markets for about $8 a bottle.


From the USA

Enzymes Found to Delay Aging Process
Discovery Could Lead to Drugs to Extend Life Span


Enzyme found in red wine may help fight aging process.
Scientists have found for the first time a way to rev up a potent "anti-aging" enzyme in living cells, an advance they said could speed the development of drugs to extend human life span and prevent a wide range of geriatric diseases.

Moderate Drinking Linked to Reduction of Tumors in the Colon


Recently, scientists at New York's Our Lady of Mercy Medical Center declared that drinking one to two glasses of wine daily may contribute to reducing bowel polyps, which are a precursor to colon cancer.

Drop in Sales of French Wines in the USA


According to Information Resources Inc., sales of French wines dropped considerably in the United States following the disagreement between the two countries over the war in Iraq.

Wine drinking at 10-year high


Wildly popular "Two-Buck Chuck" wines and surging import sales fueled 2002 wine consumption in the United States to a 10-year high, according to two new surveys.


From the Rest of the World

Australians Export Canned Wine


Wine purists around the world are cringing about an Australian first, the award-winning Gowrie Mountain Estate at Toowoomba in Queensland's Darling Downs has started producing canned wine for export to Britain, Japan and the United States.


Dates to Remember - September

Note: To find out more about the places and activities for each event, please visit the News page.

Festival of the Salama da Sugo (typical kind of salami)

- Beginning of September

Festival of the Regions
(Festival delle Regioni)

- From September 1 to September 6, 2003

Garganello Festival

- From September 5 to September 8, 2003

Tortellino Festival

- Second week of September

Eight Festival of Porcino Mushroom of Albareto

- From September 12 to September 14 2003

Festa dell'Uva, or "Grape Festival"

- September 14, 2003

The Salama Challenge

- Mid September


- Third Sunday in September


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