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Welcome to VOLUME IV, NUMBER 4 of Wine News, the e-Letter from the WineCountry.IT network. (Would you rather see the e-Letter on your favorite browser? Use this link. Usa il link seguente se vuoi leggere le News in italiano).

Just a few lines as we are practically heading out the door to go to Italy for the 40th Vinitaly trade show in Verona and, while we are there, visit some of our favorite producers about whom we will inform you when we get back.

This month don't miss the articles about the premiere of Italia Gourmet Show / Italian Flavor Forum IV, the one about the presentation of the Gavi wines produced by Castellari Bergaglio at the Ottimista Enoteca-Café, and the one about the upcoming Vitigno Italia trade show in Naples.

In addition to introducing the native vines from Umbria, this month Rosa D'Ancona reports the results of the Sicilia en Primeur 2006 presentation, which announces a great vintage for the island region.

That's all folks. We'll make sure to send good thoughts to all of you while tasting and selecting some of the best wines on earth in Verona.

Loris Scagliarini,


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First Appointment with the 'Incontri d'Autore con il Produttore'

Ilde e ClaudiaSunday, April 2, 2006 a new series of events promoted by the agriturismo Paideia di Borgo Priolo, the 'Incontri d'Autore con il Produttore', or 'Author Meets Producer' opens. The idea is to add moments of enological education and culture linked to the Sunday lunch to the usual 'Weekend del Gusto' ('Tasteful Weekends').

US Import of Nobile di Montepulciano Up 17%

Consorzio del Vino di MontepulcianoWith a growth of 17% over the previous year, the Nobile di Montepulciano (Noble from Montepulciano) has contributed strongly to the rise of Italian wine imports to the US, which in 2005 recorded a total of growth of 11.4%.

Premiere of Italia Gourmet Show / Italian Flavor Forum IV

IGS - Italian Flavor Forum IVThe premiere Italia Gourmet Show, which included the fourth Italian Flavor Forum, took place on March 14, and 15, 2006 at Fort Mason's Landmark Building 'A', in San Francisco, CA.

Over 300 business professionals, including importers, distributors, brokers, restauranteurs, wine bars, resellers, wine collectors and trade writers visited the show tasting the about 100 products presented by 38 producers from ten Italian regions.

Castellari Bergaglio's Gavi Wines Presented at Ottimista Enoteca-Café

Castellari Bergaglio at Ottimista Enoteca-CaféAs a side event to the premiere of Italia Gourmet Show / Italian Flavor Forum IV, WineCountry.IT organized a presentation of the truly superior, single vineyards and aged Castellari Bergaglio's white Gavi wines. at trendy wine bar Ottimista Enoteca- Café, located at 1838 Union Street in San Francisco. In addition to myself, Marco Bergaglio, owner and winemaker of Castellari Bergaglio Winery, who introduced the wines, WineCountry.IT broker Michelle Keene and Christian Lepori, owner of SaporItalia and WineCountry.IT' Italian chief of marketing, attended the presentation.

'Sicilia en Primeur' 2006

Teatro Massimo, Palermo"A memorable vintage, the best in the last 20 years!" This is what the over 100 trade journalists and international experts, who met in the Sicilian capital city of Palermo for the third annual 'Sicilia en Primeur', agreed upon, in regard to the 2005 vintage.

Chianti, Veneto and Asti Establish 'Territori DiVino'

Wine GalleryFor the first time three wine producing consortiums have developed a joint large project: 'Territori DiVino', a play on word which means 'Wine Territories', but sounds like 'Divine Territories'.

Technically this is a Temporary Association of Businesses which includes the Consorzio dei Vini Veneti (Consortium of Venetian Wines), the Consorzio dei Vini di Asti ( Consortium of Wine from Asti), and the Consorzio del Chianti Classico (Consortium of Chianti Classico). The project is led by U.VI.VE. - Unione Consorzi Vini Veneti DOC (United Consortium of Venetian DOC Wines) with the objective to develop and promote the wine producing sector, focusing on the fundamental elements of quality and typicality of Italian wines.

Vinitaly: Forty Years of Great Wines

40th Vinitaly 2006The landmark exhibition in the wine world is already fully booked. As many as 4,200 businesses will participate, occupying an area of around 80,000 square meters (over 860,000 square feet).

Two new exhibition halls will be ready by the end pf March, expanding net area to over 860.000 square feet, welcoming more than one hundred new exhibitors, compared to the 2005 edition, for a total of 4,200 producers from 30 countries.

Verona and Parma Trade Fair Should Work as Team

Gianni AlemannoAccording to Italian Minister of Agriculture and Forests, Gianni Alemanno, the agriculture and food fairs of Verona and Parma must work together. He also said that Verona is back in the spotlight as candidate host city for the headquarter for the agriculture and food authority.

Luscious, Full bodied, Almost X-Rated

savanna SamsonRoberto Cipresso, a respected Italian wine maker who worked for the late Pope John Paul II, has jolted the enological world by partnering with Natalie Oliveros, better know as Savanna Samson, a New York blonde porn queen who recently earned the US porn industry's highest award for best all-girl sex scene.

Vitigno Italia: Native & Traditional Vines - Rare Grapes and Prestigious Labes

Vitigno ItaliaNative, Indigenous, Traditional, Historical: these are the essential keywords embodying the philosophy of VitignoItalia (Italia Vineyard) second annual.

This is a not-to-be-missed appointment, that represents a truly unique opportunity to experience an unforgettable journey from the Trentino Alps, down to the island of Sicily.

Italian Flavor Consortium: Associate Producers

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Italian Native Vines

Viticulture in the Umbria region has deeply rooted traditions. many archeological findings reveal that two different civilizations, the Etruscan and the Umbri, cultivated vines in the area long before the arrival of the Romans.


Another indication of the natural inclination of this region for winemaking, is the fact that over the course of time, several native vine varieties developed locally, such as Grechetto, Verdello, Drupeggio, Procanico, Trebbiano Spoletino and various types of Malvasia, among the white grapes, and Sagrantino, Sangiovese and Ciliegiolo among the red grapes.
 -

Company of the Month

The Company of the Month for April 2006 is a Sardinian winery, the Cooperativa Romangia di Sorso e Sennori. The cooperative and winery were founded in 1996, to build upon the experience with the old Cantina Sociale di Sorso-Sennori, founded in 1955, and re-launch the quality wine from this auspicious wine production zone.

Cannonau La Marina

People in the area have always known that the Romangia history was strongly linked to that of vine cultivation. Recently though, this common knowledge has been confirmed by archeological remains found in a site near the village of Geridu, in the municipality of Sorso.

Italian Wine Labels
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